Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 86 Marcia's Baptism

I can't believe we're already at the end of July!! I feel like each month just gets shorter and shorter. July has been quite a month to remember though, especially with this last week!

On Saturday, Marcia Threatt was baptized!! She's been coming to church for about 2 months now. She works doing ASL, and one of her friends is in our ward, Brother Kowalski! He invited her to come and interpret and help each Sunday, and she's loved being here! It's been such a cool opportunity to see her desire to become a member of the Church. It's also been great to see the ward's excitement towards missionary work continue to increase with the recent baptisms of Marcia, Mary, Sydney, and Francis. I have truly loved serving with the people here in Ellicott City! The baptism went great, and then on Sunday, we got the opportunity to stand in the circle for both the confirmations of Mary and Marcia. Two amazing new members of the restored church!

Mary, having only got baptized 3 days previous, went out teaching with the Sisters last week! They were giving a tour of the church to a lady named Tina. Mary was such a huge help they told us! She testified of the Book of Mormon, of the Restored Priesthood power, Baptism, everything that you can imagine! She technically wasn't even a member yet since she hadn't been confirmed, yet she was sharing the Gospel with those around her! Tina came to the baptism and also to church on Sunday, and the Sisters are working with her to help her progress towards Baptism.

This last week was transfers! It's become a process that I've enjoyed being a part of, getting to pick up all of the new missionaries and drop off those that have served so faithfully. 2 of my previous companions went home, Elder Mumm and Elder Ence. I'm grateful for them and for the lessons that they taught me! I'm excited for this new transfer, another one here in amazing Ellicott City!

President Christiansen, Elder Fisher & I
with a new Missionary.
Elder Mumm is right next to Elder Fisher.

One of the great miracles that we had this week was being able to hear from Kunle Omisore again!! We had started teaching Kunle back in March, and he was the one from Nigeria that had amazing experiences going to the temple and meeting members and wanted to learn more. Well, then he took a 4 month trip to Nigeria! But we knocked on his door this past week and he is back in town and ready to meet again! It must all just be part of the Lord's timing.

We held our monthly Mission Leadership Council this past week. I always look forward to those opportunities to learn from the other missionaries, and especially to learn from President & Sister Christiansen. I'm so grateful for the wonderful people out here and the great friends that I have made, the wonderful influences all around!

This next Sunday, there will be more boundary changes! This time, it will just be at a Stake level here in Columbia. Ellicott City ward boundaries will probably change...which is tough! Whichever way they'll split it, we will probably not get to be in the same ward as the Christiansens anymore and possibly not with the Selbys either! But I'm sure that it will be a necessary change that will help everyone out!!

I'm so grateful for my mission. I'm so grateful for all of the lessons that I've been able to learn, the wonderful things I've been taught. I'm incredibly grateful for those that have prepared me and gotten me here. I miss all of you! I'm grateful for you. Thanks for your wonderful examples.

- Elder Leavitt

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