Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 69 Happy Easter

I apologize that I have been slacking on the emails the last few weeks!! Today will be short as well... It has been SO crazy busy here, and so much has happened! I'll be able to catch up these next few weeks.

This week we found an awesome new investigator named Kunle Omisore! He is also from Nigeria! He had requested a Book of Mormon and we had brought him one a few weeks ago, but we weren't able to get in to teach him because he was leaving when we got there. And then over the last few weeks, we've tried to go by but we have only gotten his sons, so we have taught them as well. But a few nights ago, we stopped by and he was home and invited us in! He told us how he has had 3 separate experiences with Mormons and so he felt like God was trying to give him a sign! 

Things are going great in Ellicott City! Francis is getting baptized on April 9th. Sydney is getting baptized when Grayson graduates because her grandparents will be coming out! The diversity of our investigators right now is quite interesting! 2 people from Nigeria, 1 from Russia, 1 from Maryland, 1 from Guatemala! It's been so amazing to see all of the different cultures and backgrounds.

The mission is progressing like crazy! It is so amazing to hear the miracles from around the mission! The work continues to hasten around the World!

It's been great being with Elder Fisher! We get along so well and are working hard to keep Ellicott City going. The Lord is so great! 

I'm so excited for General Conference this next week! I have looked forward to General conference on my mission more than anything before! It is so amazing to be able to hear the testimonies of our Prophet and Apostles! 

Thank you so much for all of the support! I promise I will be able to expound and tell more stories next week! 

- Elder Leavitt

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 67 Happy St. Patrick's Day

I can't believe it is the middle of March! It feels like June or July weather here in Maryland recently, it's been absolutely beautiful the last few weeks.

Making Dinner at the Christiansen's home for the new missionaries about to arrive.
You gotta Love the "Paddington Bear" Apron!

Last week was transfers! I am still serving in Ellicott City as AP, but I am with Elder Fisher now! It's been awesome, we both came out together and even received our calls the exact same day and talked a little bit before the mission. I'm excited to serve with him.

Me, President Christiansen & Elder Fisher
Sunday Dinner at President Christiansen's Home

Elder Lawrence & Elder Fisher are actually good friends
and went to High School together.

This is Elder Lawrence's new companion, Elder Chisholm.
They will be serving in the Inner Harbor area, which is Downtown Baltimore.

I didn't get the opportunity to email last week because of how crazy that week was, so I'll share some of my experiences from 2 weeks ago. Next week I'm going to have a lot more time to email so I'll be able to include all of the stories/miracles I'd like to share, but I'll share a few today as well!

So, we recently added a pair of Spanish missionaries in this city called Westminster. The closest spanish missionaries lived about 45 minutes and never were really able to go up there. While I served in the Frederick Spanish Branch, we were only able to visit that city once or twice. Anyways, now that they are serving up there, they have seen so many miracles! They have met so many people that have never even heard a thing about the church or seen any missionaries before! They have a baptism coming up this week. I remember when we were deciding where to put another set of Spanish, President felt that Westminster would work well, and it has been so amazing to see how that small revelation has blessed the Spanish community in that city!

Anthony D. Perkins
We got the opportunity a few weeks ago to have Elder Perkins from the Quorum of the Seventy come and meet with the leadership of the mission. It was so cool! He answered questions and shared stories, taught us, bore his testimony, and brought such an amazing Spirit.

The Selby family is doing great! We are going to the Visitors Center in DC with them during their Spring Break! They are so great to be around. We taught Sydney about the Gospel of Jesus Christ on Sunday and had a great visit. They are progressing so well and it is so amazing to see how much their lives are changing!

I got the opportunity to see Victor Soriano, who we baptized when I served in Columbia! The whole Soriano family was at church and it was so great to see them there. One of my favorite parts about my mission has been to go back and see people that we got the opportunity to teach, to see the way they have changed their lives.

Francis is finally back from Nigeria!! We will be meeting with him this week to set up his baptism! We are also helping to set up a baptism for a lady named Kim that we found while street contacting. Miracles continue to happen and it is so humbling to be a part of!

Elder Fisher & I with President and Sister Christiansen

Thank you so much for the constant support and love. I promise that next week will include many more stories and experiences!


Elder Leavitt