Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week 75 Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day!! I hope that everyone had a great day yesterday! This week went by so fast! We've been so busy lately that time continues to fly by and I can't believe I'm already writing another email on a Monday.
I enjoyed getting to Skype one last time
with my Family for Mother's Day!

Mary is doing so great! This last week we took her on a tour of the church building with Brother Wood from the Ward. She loved it and accepted the invitation to be baptized, so will be getting baptized in a few weeks here in June! Our next step is to try and involve the husband in wanting to learn more as well, we haven't got to meet him so are hoping to soon. We have an appointment with her again tomorrow. It was such a miracle for her to even meet the missionaries in the first place, so we are so grateful for the opportunity we've had to teach her and see her progress! We've also realized a pretty cool miracle in regards to Mary. A few weeks ago, we had that experience with Trevon who had the 10 pages of anti-mormon literature. Well, as we were teaching him, we learned SO much about Prayer and the Holy Ghost, and how important it is that we put everything aside and just rely on the Holy Ghost to tell us what is right and wrong in deciding about the Church. Well, nothing ever really came out of teaching Trevon, but what is amazing is that everything that we learned from that experience has been what we have taught Mary. We have focused on prayer and the Holy Ghost with her and that is exactly what she has needed! It's amazing how the Lord does His work.

The Rosskopf family continues to do well also! President Christiansen's son-in-law is in town and he came with us to teach them, and conveniently he is from Tennessee, where Sheila Rosskopf is from as well! They are doing good and we're just trying to help them get church as a priority! 

I also got the opportunity to go on an exchange down in Woodstock, Virginia this past week! It was a cool experience because Woodstock is so much different than where I am serving right now. Ellicott City is just about 15 miles out of Baltimore, so it is a pretty busy place, more of a city-type feel. But Woodstock is a very country-type town and it was fun to be there! We had a cool experience when we went to eat dinner with an active family, they have an 18 year old son who has fallen away from attending church, but he ate dinner with us and when we asked "Who do you know that is going through a tough time and needs some help?" he said "Well, you've got one sitting right here." So, we talked with him about how we can help and he expressed his desire to return and it was such an amazing chance to get to know him more!

Jason Wright was at our meeting in Woodstock & had us do a little experiment. 
We were balancing on each other as they slowly removed ALL of the chairs 
out from underneath us. 
The object was for us to stay up without the assistance of the chairs.
It took us a few attempts, but we finally succeeded! 

This week I get to go on an exchange back to Shenandoah Valley where I used to serve! It will be another busy week, and I'm so excited to see how everything goes!

Thank you for the support!

- Elder Leavitt

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