Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 23 Mother's Day Call Home

My mom was pretty happy about our Skype call!

Happy Mother's Day!! I hope that everyone had an amazing day yesterday. I'm so grateful for my mother, I know that I wouldn't be out here serving if it wasn't for her love and support throughout my life. I'm so grateful I had the wonderful opportunity to Skype yesterday and see her on that special day for Mothers.

 Well, this past week has been good! Elder Chaico, one of my companions, was sick for a few days, so it provided me a lot of time to Study and learn more of this Gospel! President Richards told us to stay in all day on Tuesday and Wednesday, and it felt so weird! I didn't like being inside when we could've been out talking to people and teaching and sharing this incredible message! But it did provide a great opportunity to study and be more prepared for the next few days.
Yesterday in the Branch was an amazing Sacrament Meeting about Mothers. They had each youth share their testimony of their mother! It was such an amazing experience to hear and see.

Once again, it seems like more and more people show up every single week! Alex and Christina brought a friend named Juan, who lives pretty close to them. They live about 45 minutes from the Church, but I haven't seen them miss a week since January when they were baptized. They are truly converted to the Gospel! Juan seems interested, and we ate dinner with him after Church too! He has had a rough life, and is looking for a better one out here in Maryland. He just moved from Texas, where he had lived for a few years.

This transfer has just flown by, and by next Monday I will know where I will be for at least the next 6 weeks. Wherever I am headed, I am so excited to serve those people! And if I stay in Frederick, I'll be just as excited to stay in this amazing place.
This past week was tough finding people in their houses, which is pretty common now that the weather is better, everyone has found good jobs and is always working. That provides difficulties to teach, but it means that more and more people are outside now! We've been talking to so many people the last few weeks, just trying to meet every person that we can and see who is interested in learning more of the amazing message of Jesus Christ.

I love a quote that was just shared with me today, "Fear knocked on my door, Faith answered, and there was no one there." It really makes you think! When we have faith, fear isn't present. Faith and Fear are complete opposites! It reminds me of the amazing talk that Elder Bednar gave in General Conference about fearing God more than we should fear man. I hope that when fear knocks on all of our doors, we allow faith to answer it and realize that there is nobody knocking.
I love my mission. As I approach 1/4th of my mission complete, I think about the amazing things I have learned so far, and the amazing things I still will be able to learn! I'm so grateful for this opportunity to serve. There is nothing better than seeing the change that the Gospel brings. Share the Good News of the Gospel!

Con amor,
Elder Leavitt

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