Monday, May 4, 2015

week 22 Happy Cinco de Mayo

My Zone here in Frederick

This week has been crazy to say the least! From lesson to lesson, contacting people, and the Baltimore Riots, there has been so much going on!

With the craziness of Baltimore, I have definitely seen the power of fasting and prayer. Even though there is so much evil going on there, there is so much good in the people that are still standing for peace and helping others that are in trouble. This past Fast Sunday, we fasted for the people of Baltimore and for the safety of everyone around. It is something that I will never forget, being here during the Baltimore Riots, and I'm so grateful that things are starting to turn around now.

Our view as we headed into Baltimore last Wednesday for an appointment. 

The National Guard was Posted on the street corners.

Another picture of the National Guard from our car window.

Another miracle has happened recently! So, a few months ago, Elder Fisher and I, while on exchanges, knocked on a random door that we felt prompted to knock on. A lady opened and we talked to her, and invited her to an activity for the Stake, and she seemed happy and excited. Well, a few weeks passed and eventually it was hard to find her in the house with a man there, so we couldn't go in and teach her. But now, with Sister Missionaries, they have been able to have lessons with her! Not only that, Tami, this lady, said that a few weeks ago she was in dire need of help, and that was the day when we, the Elders, knocked on her door. It was a similar experience to what I had last week with Carolina, and was something so cool to hear about! The Sisters are teaching her the lessons and I'm so excited to see how it goes with her, the Spirit really leads and guides us throughout everything.

Things are going well with our Investigators. It's hard at times to find the Zamora Family in their house, but when we do we have had great talks with Alfonso, he is still reading the Book of Mormon and really trying to find out for himself that it really is true!

Carolina is progressing well! She will always be a miracle with the way we found her. We talked more about her journey through the hospital and through the Appendix Surgery. We talked a little about my Liver Disease actually and she talked about Prayer and how she would pray for me as I serve my mission. She really is understanding everything so well and loving what we have to teach!

We have a few young men we are teaching right now, around ages 16 to 18. All of them are some of the coolest people I have met, but they all have the same issue...they are just too busy or too lazy. It's hard for them to read because of school, and we have found that they are basically just using their time for Netflix and the Church and the message we have just hasn't really been a priority to them! So that's been tough, and I've realized that sometimes at home, I didn't use my time super wisely! We only have so much time every day, we really do need to make the best of it...maybe watching 8 hours of netflix a day is too much? 

Last night was super cool, we got to go to Martinsburg, West Virginia, for a Testimony Meeting for the Spanish Branches around us. We took Alex and Christina, and they both bore their testimonies. I can honestly say I don't know if I've ever felt the power of a testimony more than when Alex bore his testimony to all these people about the power of the Book of Mormon. A man who knew nothing of the Book of Mormon months before, bearing probably the most powerful testimony I've ever witnessed in person was something I can't even explain. Alex is such an amazing example to me, and their family is so incredible!

Alex and Christina's beautiful daughter.
The last few weeks have been crazy busy! I think we've taught more lessons and talked with more people than at any point of my mission so far. Spanish is pushing me, being with 2 Native Speakers, but I love it! I feel like I'm learning so much.

Zone Conference this past Friday.

My companions & I had the opportunity to teach at Zone Conference.

There is so much of the Gospel to learn, and things that we might never be able to fully understand and be able to completely grasp! The immensity of the Plan of Salvation and the love that the Lord has for us can never truly be comprehended. But I know without a doubt that this church is true. I know that a Mission has changed my life more than anything ever could!!!!

Share the Gospel! We are part of something so incredibly special. Remember that everyone around you is a Child of God. Judging will do nothing, we must love with all that we have, and at that moment, we will become more like God and see his Children as he does. We will be able to understand more of the Gospel and the way that we should live. Even though we may never fully grasp the entirety of the Love of Christ, we can work every single day to emulate his amazing example! I pray for this with each one of you throughout the week, thank you so much for the support.

Con amor,
Elder Leavitt

My "Cinco De Mayo" Package from home.

I was so happy to see there was NO Cow Intestines included!

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