Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 19


I hope everyone has been doing well!

General Conference last week was truly inspiring. I have been reflecting back to my notes every day since, because there is truly SO much to learn. I hope that everyone had a good experience watching and listening to Conference. Some of my favorite quotes:

"As we fear God more completely, we will love him more perfectly." - Elder Bednar

"Are we not all of us in need of repair? We come to church to heal problems, not hide them. The most amazing man was also the most humble." - President Uchtdorf

"Sometimes we know the dance steps, but can't hear the music." - Elder Andersen

What an amazing opportunity that we have to be able to listen to the Prophets and Seers of God and to hear the words of God through the Priesthood Power that we have on this earth.

Well, I'm still here in Frederick, and I truly love it! I feel like a part of the Branch by now, I know the families and people, and they know me, and I feel like it is truly an amazing relationship with the people here in Frederick! Our area is the entire Frederick Stake, the largest area in the mission, so we have a lot of people to go and visit and help.

Sacrament Attendance has constantly been going up, more people coming back to the Branch and renewing their faith once again! It is truly amazing, yesterday we had the largest congregation yet!

I had a truly amazing experience just a few weeks ago. I went on exchanges with Elder Fisher, and we headed up to Westminster to go contacting. We had the address of a Member up there that had attended the English Ward, but was less active. We decided to go over to his house and talk with him. His name was Hermano Nonalaya, and he was from Peru. He opened the door and let us in, and was so excited to see us! Westminster doesn't have Spanish missionaries, only English ones, so the Spanish people don't really get many visits! He let us in and we talked for a while. The whole time I was thinking...This guy looks so familiar!! All of a sudden he starts talking about his brother who works at the MTC as a fake investigator. Then it hit me: his brother was Carlos, MY investigator in the MTC. The chances of me meeting him, in Westminster, Maryland, where I've never even been before and Spanish Missionaries hardly visit, are so small. The Spirit hit me so strong and I knew right then my job was to Reactivate Hermano Nonalaya and his family. It still amazes me how it all worked out, the Lord works in amazing ways.

I'm now in a trio, with 2 native Spanish speakers, Elder Baca from Mexico and Elder Chaico from Peru. It's been so great, and has helped with my Spanish so much!!! 

2 Weeks ago, we were walking in the Frederick Mall for P-Day, and all of a sudden this guy calls after us and says "Wait right here, I'll take you to lunch." We were super confused but we waited, and 5 minutes later he took us out to lunch. We were so confused, this random guy was just taking us to a super super fancy restaurant  not even knowing us. But it turned out that he is an awesome member that has a ton of connections to Hispanics, and we have been getting so many referrals from him! The Lord truly works wonders.

Things are good here, I hope everyone is doing well! Always remember that the Lord is our comfort, through everything, He is there!


- Elder Leavitt

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