Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week 91 Transfer Week

Hey everyone! It's transfer week again! And.....I'll be staying in Ellicott City for another transfer! It's been pretty crazy to stay in one area for this long, it's been 8 transfers (6 weeks each) so almost a full year now!

This week, we got to go on exchanges in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. I stayed here in Ellicott and got to be with Elder Abraham for the day! I've gotten the chance to serve around him for a lot of my mission in one way or the other, and he was my Zone Leader while I served here in the Columbia Spanish Branch. I've always looked up to him and it was great to be on an exchange and get to work together for the day! He's approaching his last transfer and has been a great example to me. While on exchanges, we taught a man that told us that all he believes is the Bible and that any question he has, he goes to the Bible. We taught him about how not only can we read on the Word of God, we can go straight to Heavenly Father for our answers. It was a rough lesson and just felt like he wanted to Bible Bash, and it taught both of us the importance of not only believing in the Bible, but believing in a living and modern Prophet and that we can still receive guidance in our day.

Mark Martin had the chance to attend the Philadelphia Temple Open House with some of the members of our congregation! Dennis is still doing so well, we taught him about the Word of Wisdom and he is one of the most spiritual 16 year old kids I've ever met. He amazes me every time we go and teach him!

Tomorrow we get to go pick up the new missionaries, 17 are coming in! And then on Wednesday will be transfer day, and Thursday we take the missionaries that have finished their 24 or 18 months to the airport, so it's a busy week! I always like this week though because it feels like a new start with renewed focus!

Sorry this week's email is so short! Next week will have more stories and experiences!

Love you all!

- Elder Leavitt

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