Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 52 One Turkey Bowl I'll Never Forget!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving Day. And since tomorrow is December, Happy Holidays!! I hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year these next few weeks.

Turkey Bowl @ Naval Academy Practice Field.

Well, things are crazy busy! Thanksgiving was fun, we got the opportunity to have a Turkey Bowl with some other Elders down in Annapolis at the Naval Academy Practice Field! It was super fun! It was nice to play some actual football for the first time since I started my mission! I've gotten to used to the other type of football that I'm not very good After the Turkey Bowl, we headed over and got to eat with President and Sister Christiansen, and then over to the Rim family from our ward who are from South Korea! I can definitely say that it was the first time I ever had a Korean Thanksgiving! It was a good experience though for sure, and they are a very nice family.

Thanksgiving at the President Christiansen's home.

Rodger Bryant, one of the recent converts here in the Ellicott Ward, has been progressing and it has been so cool to see. After receiving a lot of anti-material after his baptism, he has now had his questions answered and received the Aaronic Priesthood and is preparing to baptize his 10 year old daughter, who we are working with! Please remember Roger and Maria in your prayers!

We are working with another part-member family named the Ursos, and we will be visiting them on Friday. The Assistants in this mission hadn't had a baptism in 3 years! I think part of that was how much time they had to spend in the office and doing other administrative things! But with the visit from the Mission Office in Salt Lake a few weeks ago, we have been able to have much more time to proselyte, and we currently have 3 people on date for baptism!

This week, we will be preparing for a visit from Elder Teh from the Quorum of the Seventy! Next week, he will be visiting the mission and meeting all of the missionaries! I am super excited and nervous for this opportunity.

If you haven't seen the new Christmas Video put out by the church, I strongly recommend it. It is simple yet brings the Spirit every time I watch it! I love it so much. A Savior is Born. How amazing is that? That we have the gift of a Savior being born to save all of us. I am so grateful for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! SO incredibly grateful.

Thank you so much for your support!!!

-Elder Leavitt

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