Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 47 Face Everything And Rise

President & Sister Christiansen with some of our Zone. 
Baptism, baptism, baptism. Our Zone continues to bring up baptism with every single person that we come in contact with. At first, we thought it could be super awkward bringing baptism up while having just met these people a few seconds or minutes before. But we have seen so many amazing miracles. Saying things like "If you found a church that the Spirit told you was true, would you be baptized into it?" or "Will you change your life by being baptized?" sound like super bold things to say, but it has been amazing and the reactions have been great. Our Zone got over 160 baptismal invitations this week! Tomorrow we will be setting the new Baptism goal for the month of November. Elder Mumm and I also designed a new pass along card about baptism that the mission is now using, it is super cool!

We continue to work with Jerry, our investigator, who is trying to stop smoking weed and cigarettes. He is doing a lot better and this past week, he actually let us into the house and his Dad started taking the lessons as well! His dad is from Puerto Rico. His dad came to church on Sunday! Please pray for Jerry to continue to work on the Word of Wisdom.

Can't decide which mask to go with for Halloween,
Obama or the Bear?!? Mom says they're both pretty SCARY!!!

Halloween Goodies from Home.

I've been thinking about the talk by President Uchtdorf to start off Conference just a few weeks ago. He talked a lot about enjoying our membership. One of the questions that I have been asking myself is "Is how I'm living right now how I want to live for eternity?" I think that as we ask ourselves that, we will put our life in the order that it needs to be so that we can have eternal happiness!

This week in Elders Quorum we talked about having fear of God and not man. Someone said that they heard this quote:

"Fear either means to:

Face Everything And Rise
Forget Everything And Run"

I love that, we really do have that option. We can face everything and we can become better, or we can run from the fear and forget it all. I love that and I think that is something I am definitely trying to work on.

My ponderize scripture for the week: 
"Yea, I know that I am nothing. As to my strength, I am weak. Therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things, yeah, behold many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever." - Alma 26:12

Well this transfer has gone super fast! This Sunday we receive calls for the next transfer. Thank you for the support! Love you!

- Elder Leavitt

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